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18 September, 2010

We would like to welcome you cordially to attend the First Polish Educational Day on Patient Adherence be held on September 18th, 2010 in a beautiful venue of Poznanski Palace in Lodz, Poland.

Adherence to therapeutic recommendations has never been extensively studied nor discussed in Poland so far. Statistics indicate that up to 50% of patients treated for their chronic conditions, does not fully follow their regimens!

All the stakeholders - patients, doctors, pharmacists, and the whole society - are losing due to this common problem. Additional costs incurred for this reason are estimated to reach 6 billion Polish zlotys per year, just at the level of the yearly spending on the entire primary health care in our country!

It is therefore to learn the interventions that can reduce the size of this problem, and can provide opportunities for better health for individual patients.

The program of Educational Day covers the most important practical issues:

Reasons for non-adherence to the therapeutic recommendations

Consequences of non-adherence to therapeutic recommendations

Practical methods to improve adherence

Both Polish and international experts are invited to give their lectures during this educational event. In particular, we wish to draw your attention to the inaugural lecture by Prof. Robert VanderStichele on Determinants of adherence . A detailed agenda for the meeting will be published soon.

Participation in the Educational Day is free. Participants will receive certificates and CME points.

The First Polish Educational Day on Patient Adherence
is an educational initiative, accompanying the 14th European Symposium on Patient COMpliance, Adherence, and Persistence ESPACOMP 2010 to be held in Lodz, Poland, between 17-18 September 2010 more>>

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