Polish-Hungarian Twinning in action!

June 1, 2023 - administrator

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On May 31 – June 1, 2023, a meeting of scientists from the Medical University of Lodz with scientists of the University of Pécs in Hungary took place. The meeting, led by Dr. Tamas Ágh from the Hungarian Center for Health Technology Assessment and Pharmacoeconomic Research, was aimed at exchanging experiences in the preparation of the “My Health Everyday” application. The application created by a team from the Medical Adherence Research Centre at the Department of Family Medicine of the Medical University of Lodz was designed to help patients take their medications regularly. – It is not only a reminder application, which trains users in how to properly care for the regular use of therapy recommended by a doctor – says the originator of the program, prof. Przemyslaw Kardas. The application addressed to patients with multimorbidity asks about their well-being and the assessment of adherence to recommendations. Based on the indicated reasons for therapy failure, easy-to-use and evidence based solutions were proposed, which, introduced by the patient, helps him take his medications regularly. The application is available for free in Polish for mobile phones with Android or iOS, but soon it will also be available for download in the Hungarian version named ’Mindennapi Egészségem’. Cooperation with scientists from Hungary is possible thanks to the transfer of innovations under the Twinning program carried out in the EU funded project Gatekeeper. Thanks to the support of the European Commission, an assessment of the cost-effectiveness of the application will be prepared by the team from the University of Pécs. Thanks to the meeting with the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Hungarian university, Dr. András Fittler, the foundations were laid for the creation of the adherence research center in Hungary, being the third one in Europe, after the ones existing in the Netherlands and Poland. The meeting ended with both parties agreeing on further actions aimed at strengthening cooperation with both academic centers.