Skills4Adherence Project

Failure to comply with therapeutic recommendations is a phenomenon in which patients do not take medication as prescribed by medical professionals. It applies to the WHO 50% of patients with chronic diseases, and above all older people, and has very serious health and financial consequences. However, as research has shown, medical workers are not fully aware of its prevalence or seriousness, let alone take preventive and corrective actions.

The aim of the Skills4Adherence Project is to improve the ability of medical staff to manage compliance with therapy and polytrapture among older people through the development and dissemination of the training program called. “European training program for medical workers in the field of competence improving compliance with therapeutic recommendations and preventing polypharmacy in older people”. This program will be addressed to medical students and medical professionals.

Thanks to the cooperation of European experts in the field of research on non-compliance with therapeutic recommendations, and the dissemination of interventions that may have a positive impact on this phenomenon (Medical University of Lodz, University of Porto, ICS Maugeri), an innovative educational program will be developed to meet the needs of these target groups. The training methods and on-line tools used will have a unique character, and the issues of vocational training of medical employees in the area of ​​competences necessary to improve compliance management and polypharmacy among the elderly have never been solved so far. Trained with the program, professionals will receive formal certificates that will confirm their acquisition of competence, and a pass for further professional career. The efficiency and cost effectiveness of their work will be improved, and the chances of employment and / or self-employment will also increase.

The Skills4Adherence project is co-financed from the ERASMUS+ Program, its implementation will cover the years 2017-2020.


Participants of the Kick-off Meeting of the Skills4Adherence Project, which took place in the Rectorate of the Medical University of Lodz on October 27, 2017.


Recruitment for the Skills4Adherence 2018 Summer School has begun, which will take place in Porto, Portugal, on September 10-14. The aim of the School is to improve the skills of medical staff in the management of compliance with therapeutic recommendations and polythemie among the elderly.

Participants of the Skills4Adherence 2018 Summer School will take part in an intensive training program, covering both theoretical and practical skills, as part of a 40-hour training program developed and shared by leading European experts in the field, grouped as part of the skills4Adherence Project: Medical University in Lodz, University of Porto, and ICS Maugeri. Completion of the Summer School will be confirmed by an appropriate certificate.

For the students and employees of UMED, the organizers have planned a total of 10 places, including covering the costs of transport, accommodation and meals. The two-stage recruitment selected the final list of participants.


On September 10-14, Skills4Adherence Summer School 2018 took place in Porto. The School was co-organized by the Department of Family Medicine, Medical University of Lodz. This intensive weekly course was devoted to solving problems related to the management of polimedicated elderly patients. As many as 10 employees and students of the Medical University of Lodz took part in this training.